The Need for Learning Microsoft Office Applications

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The Need for learning Microsoft Office Applications
Cosc2311 Computer Applications

Microsoft office has been the most widely used software in the World. From companies as large as a million employees to the smallest company with one employee most will use Office to work on payroll or reports. “At its Professional Developers Conference last week, Microsoft announced WWF(Windows Workflow Foundation), a Windows technology that will enable developers to stitch together Microsoft Office Apps” (Knorr, 2005) Microsoft Office not only being used in the business world it’s also being used in elementary schools and high schools. Most of your upper level colleges are also using Office. Even in the smallest of places as the home you can find Microsoft Office. This is way it’s important to have some background use of the program. There are other programs that you can find if not willing to spend the high cost for using Office, but at the same time there is some sacrifice that come from using a generic version of Microsoft Office. “Do you need to have Microsoft Office on your PC?” (Wildstrom, 2002) The author has found some cheaper versions to use rather than Microsoft Office but there are sacrifice using them. With Think free the author ran into some problems with the word program displaying some word pages properly. If you do not need what Microsoft Office there are several cheaper programs to use. With today’s business you will find more and more are asking the question do you have any skills when it come to using Microsoft Office? This shows there is a need in the professional world that you will need to have a background of using the software. “Managers and users must be educated into seeing how each separate piece of the learning jigsaw fits, how each will benefit them and how they need them all. Equally, they need to know how they can use each piece to best effect”. (Malam, 2005) In conclusion there is a need for the training of Microsoft Office, if there is...
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