The Necklace Review

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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Exploring literary themes and symbolism in The Necklace
Daniel Saltzman
Professor Praniewicz

Exploring literary themes and symbolism in The Necklace

Literary themes are the underlying reasons for writing. Writers write their work to convey the theme through creative stories and literary vehicles. Other writing tools are used to tell the story with the hope of touching the reader with an overall message or moral of the story. Many stories use character development, plot lines, tone and other literary tools to get their theme across.

Symbolism is another tool used by writers to help bring meaning to a story. Symbolism uses items that carry multiple meanings in their writing. Weather is an example of a common symbol used in writing. Many times the tumultuous weather occurring during a story represents turmoil or rough times in the story or a character in the story. There are tons of other symbols that writers use to give meaning the their stories.

After reading the short story The Necklace I was moved by the story. The writer uses many tools, including a great story, to share the theme of class conflict. In the story Mathilde and her husband are middle class citizens, they have many items of luxury but are not upper class. One day when her husband acquires a rare invitation to a ball Mathilde almost doesn’t want to go and end up being looked down upon. She only wants to go if she could fit in with the other people, who are are highly upper class. Her husband agrees to spend some good money on a new dress for her, but she still doesn’t feel right. She then borrows a loverly necklace from a very rich friend. Mathilde and her husband end up having the night of their lives. They had a great time and all eyes were upon Mathilde who was more beautiful than anyone else at the party. While making their way home they Mathilde realizes that she lost the necklace. She does not want to return to her fiend...
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