The Necklace

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  • Published : June 1, 2013
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The Necklace
By Guy de Maupassant
Everything happens for a reason, for which there is some good behind it; as one shall say. Mathilde Loisel, a fictional character who doesn’t fit into this quote and is an example of a person who does the exact opposite. A poor women living with regret in her life for not having what she wants. She hates everything she has and thinks she deserves much more, and not being grateful for what she does have. She doesn’t take the correct actions which brings her to more of an unhappy life. The inability to be contented with one’s life can lead to unexpected consequences.

Madame Loisel is very judgemental; she compares herself for what she doesn’t have with the rich where she sees them having everything she desires. But with the things she does have, where others can be in a whole worse situation, she is not one bit grateful. As in the passage it explains: She had a rich friend, an old school friend whom she refused to visit, because she suffered so keenly when she returned home. She would weep whole says, with grief, regret, despair, and misery (1). She wants to be someone who she isn’t, live another life, and start over basically. But she can’t, she wishes for things that she isn’t capable of attaining and she is critical of her life she is living. When the chance is giving she uses it to gain more than the needed. As her husband has asked her about her mood due to her being somewhat odd in the past few days, she answered “I’m utterly miserable at not having any jewels, not a single stone, to wear,” she replied. “I shall look absolutely no one. I would almost rather not go to the party.” (2) She had reacted saying that she would almost not go, basically telling her husband that if she doesn’t get what she wants, she would not attend the ball, (which is a big deal in the story). Finally she doesn’t look at opportunities as an option. Her husband had brought an envelope one evening and she had opened it, read...
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