The Necklace

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  • Published : July 13, 2012
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The Necklace theme and narrative elements in a short story
Robert Rois
English 125
July 9, 2012
Katherine Ness Santana

The Necklace theme and narrative elements in a short story
The story of The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant was written during the realism period. The reason why the story was done during the realism period because people wanted reality to be accurate. Realist literature often focused on the middle class lives that stir up the tragic lives of Mathilde and her husband with very little subjectivity and more on the idea of objectivity. The realist side of the story influenced many artists at that time and how they interrupted the art work. The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant had an ironic surprise ending. There is a twist into the story the years it took the main character to purchase the necklace caused an issue that it was worthless. But what was shocking about the ending was that Mathilde borrowed the necklace from Madame Forestier’s to show that she was the better than anyone else which the made the main character look like a fool by losing what she had. The story of the necklace the themes of the story such as deceptiveness of appearances, the danger of martyrdom, the perceived power of objects and how this story was written in third person makes the short story very interesting and also makes the reader focus in what the writer is trying to prove his point about realism. The first theme that the story called The Necklace the deceptiveness of appearance is the first theme that comes to mine. In the story Mathilde, does appear to be everything that she wants to be in real life. Within the story, Mathilde is a pretty woman but wants more than she can handle. For example, men look at her being pretty. All this becomes an illusion with the class people that is involved with the party are deceived very much. The deceptiveness of appearance becomes an illusion when Madame Forestier’s necklace made of diamonds were fake and it was no more...
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