The Necessity of a Criminal Justice System

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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Criminology Essay

Why do we need a criminal justice system?
Alaedin Idris

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Criminal justice is not to be associated with the court processes in which the verdict is resolved. Justice is defined as being that which is punishment or remuneration in regards to the reached verdict. The establishment of a criminal justice system is comprised of three segments, which include, Law enforcements, courts and correctional facilities. The central function the criminal justice remains to enforce is the deterrence and investigation of crime. Criminal justice is the key stabilizer in regards to the law and order of society, meaning that if there were to be a strong, unbiased and accountable system that protects the rights of both accused and victims of all ages, creeds and wealth then it would be the foundation of a just and independent society. The criminal justice system was founded many years ago as a method of controlling lower class members of society, although through the years and many political movements the system was improved and accommodated different social classes, which in return provided a just fairness among all citizens.

Criminal matters are brought to the court by a government-prosecuting agency, which is generally the Director of Public Prosecutions, but can also be the Attorney General, the police, regulatory agencies, local councils and traffic camera branches. Different criminal court levels and types are referred to separately because they tend to have disconnected information systems, and varying case flow management practices. (Australian Bureau of Statistics. 2007) The criminal justice system plays a crucial role in society and its control, if the system is to remain comprehensive, non-discriminatory and effective then the implementation of power in regards to the...
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