The Necessity of Ethics in Criminal Justice

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Criminal Justice
April 15, 2013

Prompt: Give an account of the role of ethics and its significance to the functions of the criminal justice system in America, and describe its impact on crime and social control. The Necessity of Ethics in Criminal Justice

The role of ethics is important to the criminal justice system as well as the government because it helps maintains social control and crime control. Over time the role of ethics has adapted in every aspect of the criminal justice system. Without the role of ethics there would be corruption; the law would have little meaning because its application would be undependable (citation.) The criminal justice system, which works along with the government, has a great impact of how people treat each other, therefore the role of ethics is not only important for the law but for society as well. Of course there are differences in ethics; depending on certain occupations ones ethics will vary, but the overall role of ethics is to “develop personal qualities such as: courage, honesty, confidentiality, law-abiding behavior reproach and exemplary in nature” (cite 3.) It is important for our defense attorneys, police officers, and judges to practice the role of ethics to maintain a stable criminal justice system.

It is important to have ethics in the criminal justice system because it prevents corruption, brutality and racial discrimination. Without the role of ethics, the criminal justice system would not be where it’s at today. It abides by the supreme law of the land which falls under the preamble of the constitution which is the Bills of Rights. The Bill of Rights makes sure to protect every citizen’s rights no matter the gender, race or other discriminatory factors. The criminal justice system holds true to these factors which reduce corruption, brutality and racial discrimination. There would be corruption in the CJS (Criminal Justice System) by police corruption. There would be police corruption by extortion: demanding money for not writing traffic tickets, and bribery: accepting money in exchange for not enforcing the law. Police corruption carries high costs in many ways. The first way of corruption is that police corruption detracts from the integrity of police authority and tarnishes the image the public view law enforcement. The public expect authorities to be honest and to treat everybody equally. The lack of law enforcement adds on to the increase of crime rates because authority is influencing negative behavior by not stopping crime. Secondly, it protects other criminal activities that deal with prostitution and drugs. The police are being bribed of not enforcing the law by the exchange of money. Criminals offer lucrative sources of income for organized crime. This means that a criminal would pay a police officer a certain amount of money to let a crime happen and the police would prevent law enforcement regulations upon them. What is usually seen in police corruption is called narcotic corruption. Narcotic corruption is “an inevitable consequence of drug enforcement,” (Cliff Notes-Police Corruption.) Police officers are being offered either lucrative income or share some of the profit being made from the drugs that are being brought because of the prevention of law enforcement these officers are taking a part of. Providers of these services and illegal goods use part of their profits to bribe the police in order to ensure the continuation of criminal enterprises. If authority is not giving out the prime example of enforcing the law, what are the expectations of the citizens following them? Police corruption adds on to crimes, therefore following the role of ethics is strictly important to prevent incidents of police corruption to keep happening. The role of ethics makes sure to reduce police corruption if not eliminate it. To catch the violating officers, the criminal justice system holds special investigation commissions and auditors. Police corruption...
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