The Necessity for Gun Control

Topics: Firearm, Gun politics in the United States, Crime Pages: 7 (2353 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Title: Control Guns, Control Deaths
General Purpose: To persuade.
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that we need stricter enforcement of current gun laws, as well as new, stricter, gun control laws. Central Idea: Gun Control is a hotly debated issue within the United States, and today I want you to know that the number of deaths due to firearms is an alarming problem, which can be brought under control if we strictly enforce existing gun laws as well as introduce new laws since more deaths will occur as more firearms enter the marketplace; therefore we need to act now.


On December 14th, sometime before 9:30 A.M, Adam Lanza shot his own mother four times in her head. His mother was found on the floor, in clad pajamas next to her cup of coffee and the morning newspaper. Following this brutal disgusting murder, Lanza then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School. At roughly 9:35 am, using his mothers Bushmaster XM15-E2S rifle, Lanza blasted his way through a locked glass door at the front of the school. Principal Dawn Hochsprung and School psychologist Mary Sherlach heard the shots and rushed to the source of the sounds. Sherlach screamed “Shooter! Stay Put” while Hoch sprung turned the on the school intercom to allow others in the school to hear the commotion and warn them. These were Hochsprung and Sherlachs last actions, heroic actions, before they were too gunned down. Lanza then went to a first grade class room where Lauren Rousseau had herded the kids in the back in order to hide them Rousseau and all the students were killed except a 6 year old girl. Lanza then walked into a second grade classroom nearby, found children hifing under their desks and shot each of them. This masasacre continued into 9:46 after a total of 154 rounds were fired. There were 8 male student victims and 12 girls, between 6 and 7 years of age and 6 adult women gunned down. Lanza shot all of his victims multiple times, and at least one victim, 6 year old Noah Pozner, 11 times. Lanza used 3 weapons throught the attack, a glock 10 mm, a Big Sauer 9mm, and a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, . The ladder was a semi automatic weapon capable of firing 45 rounds per minute. Lanza used several 30 round clips throughtout the attack. Under the 1994 federal ban on weapons, this weapon would have been prohibited. Unfortunately the ban expired in 2004.

Today I’m going to be talking to you about a relatively controversial issue, gun control. Question: After hearing the words gun control, how many of you have an immediate response or opinion to the words- i.e tighter restriction- “stupid liberals trying to take away my second amedment rights” “damn conservatives trying to get us shot”

When dealing with controversial issues such as gun control, it is easy see things, as esteemed linguist Frank Luntz says, through a prism of ones own biases and prejudices. Many will clasp to their ideology so tightly that they ignore otherwise important information. So- I would like to ask you to drop all your preconceived prejudices and biases and listen to the information I’m going to present without partisanship. When researching gun related deaths one thing’s stands out in particular:

I.(NEED) number of deaths due to firearms is an alarming problem in the United States. Especially when compared to other countries.
A.Although it is true that some murders, as well as other violent acts, are committed without the aid of a gun, about two thirds of such crimes and murders within the United States do indeed involve a gun.

1.In fact, according to the FBI, roughly 16,272 murders were committed in the US in 2008. Of these, 10,886 or 67 % were committed with firearms.
2.Of course, murders aren’t the only crimes committed that involve guns; there are many other types of crimes for which criminals use guns. a. Again according to the FBI, there were 1,367,009 violent crimes committed in the United States in 2004, the most recent...
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