The Nazi Part Was No More Than a Fringe Irritant in German Domestic Politics. Discuss

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Nazi Party, Weimar Republic Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: March 14, 2011
A ‘fringe irritant’ in German domestic politics must be a term widely used for many minority parties in a struggling Weimar Germany, whilst designed to lower the thought of their actual influence and reputation amongst the readers of historical sources it also shows the significance of their effects on the population. In the case of the DAP (later NSDAP) it was minute, and at even said by Hitler himself: “at a low club level form”. Germany, being a new country which had gained experience of defeat and humiliation at the hands of the allies, was still primarily made up of states run under a somewhat ‘federal’ system of government and this would have led to a very authoritarian regime given the times, thus altering the scope of power parties such as the NSDAP could originally achieve. As extremism and inflation sharply increased and tolerance decreased, the appearance of new, fluid political thought was becoming all the more noticeable with events such as the Kapp Putsch and the Spartacist Uprising being echoed all around Germany. Did the NSDAP stay as a minority for the duration of the 1920’s or was it a wave of success and failure following each other?

Whether it had been the German Workers Party or any other form of minority political group, towards the beginning of the 1920’s, all of these ‘political factions’ put together would be an irritant to majority state leadership, and in the case of ‘the German Worker’s Party’: Minister President Kommissar Gustav von Kahr was the opposition. With the harshly reformed German army taking charge of reporting on these fringe parties, Hitler had gained his opportunity to make himself heard and succeeded. However, under Anton Drexler’s leadership, the DAP were very much a fringe irritant contained to a beer hall, designed to air nationalist views and calls for Bavarian Independence but it wasn’t really until Adolf Hitler made himself known that the party’s reputation mirrored his own. This can be seen in the...
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