The Naughty Boy

Topics: Gang Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: November 21, 2011
The naughty boy
The one who doesn’t pick up and pocket anything lost on the road has a high moral standard. I have such kind of classmate. His name is Wayne.

Wayne was a naughty boy. He always played tricks on his classmate. He joined the naughty gangs at school. He had C+ on his conduct as he always forgot to hand in his homework and always been late for school.

One day, he and his gangs were walking along the corridor. They found a purse lying on the ground. Wayne walked up to the purse and picked it up. He opened it and he found the purse containing five thousand dollar cash! His friends’ eyes all rolled up and opened wide. “Good job! Wayne! How should we spend with these five thousand dollars?” The gang said. “What a lucky day! We have a big harvest today!”

Wayne remained silent for a while. There was a long pause. “Maybe …we should find the owner of the purse, right?’’ Wayne said. “Maybe…this money is important to that person…… So I think we shouldn’t take it……”

“What’s wrong with you Wayne? Are you mad? Here is a large sum of money! We found it so we have the priority to spend it!” one of the gangs said. Others nodded their head. Despite everything, Wayne grabbed and held the wallet tight and He ran pass straight through them. “Hey! Wayne! Are you trying to spend the money on your own? You are so selfish!” The gang chased Wayne along the corridor, trying to take the purse. Wayne ran as fast as possible, to the principal office on the 1st floor. There he went. Wayne pushed the door and the door opened.

“Wayne! What are you doing? Why don’t you knocked the door before you opened it?” said the principal. “I am so sorry, principal! I found a purse lying on the ground… It contained five thousand dollar! I hope you can find the owner…….” The gang stopped at the front. Their mouth remained open wide. They couldn’t believe what they have seen. “Well done! Wayne! You have done a great job!”said the principal.

The next day, during the morning...
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