The Nature of Friendship

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  • Published : February 13, 2011
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The Nature of the Friendship
What is the nature of friendship? Different people have different opinions. Someone said: the nature of friendship is loyalty and cordiality; someone said: the nature of friendship is caring and affection; another one said: the nature of friendship is comfort and fun. From my opinion of views, the nature of friendship is sharing, trust and help. Friendship is one of the greatest pleasures that we can share and enjoy in our life. When we achieve a great success, our friends can share our joys, what a pleasant thing of sharing an achievement. When we are in trouble, we need friends to offer us support and encouragement. Every time, when I felt lonely, I called my friend to going out for shopping, hiking or eating. Sharing shifted the loneliness into enjoyment. Sometimes, we just talk to each other, and we share our happy and unhappy things together. With friends sharing, happiness became double happiness; with friends sharing, sorrow divided into half; with friends sharing, the loneliness and bad mood disappeared. Sharing for the friendship is like sunshine for the sun, it makes the friendship more brilliant, and it drives the gloom away. The second essence of friendship is trust. Trust connects two people together without a blood relationship. We trust our parents because the consanguinity; we trust our husband and wife because of the love; we trust our colleagues because of the partnership. We trust our friends wherever friends live and whatever friends do just because of the friendship. Sometimes, we even don’t want to share some secrets with our parents or relatives, but we like to talk that with our friends, because trust makes two people are willing to communicate. I have a best friend Lisa, when she shops for clothes, she always asks me to go shopping with her, because she told me that she trusts me as I always give her good suggestions for her buying clothes. Sometimes, she even...
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