The Nature of Christian Service

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Janine Espiritu 10
Christian Service Reflection Paper
The nature of the Christian Service is the act of doing work for God with a willing heart. Many religious people think that "Christian service" signifies Christian usefulness: to be a regular attender at church, to pray, and a contributor to its finances. Also, to become a teacher of a class, or a leader of young people's society, to engage in evangelistic activities and do personal work. And tell others what Christ means to you. I volunteered 6 hours of service towards my religion hours for the French department at the annual Archbishop MacDonald High School open house. I personally think that providing service for a charitable or non-profit organization was the perfect way to discover something that I'm really good at and to develop and discover hidden talents/skills that helped me to change my view on my self worth and develop new friendships throughout the entire service. I also found out that there are many benefits to doing community service that made me realize that I can use to my advantage. Participating in this activity helped me to be more engaged in community organizations. During the experience, I felt like I could make a difference. Volunteering my time gave me the opportunity to meet and work with people that I thought I'd never have the opportunity to meet. Spending time with a group of volunteers also helped me to expand my social skills and expose me to new things. It helped me to grow as a person by developping a more compassionate feeling towards the less fortunate. This Christian service project relates to the Catholic faith tradition because many Catholic churches like to take part in community service, such as homeless feedings or spending time with the elderly or orphaned. This usually represents the bulk of the church's social events and it is a great way to meet fellow Catholics while performing a valuable service to the community by spending your time with people in need. The...
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