* the Nature of Advertising Ethics in the Media

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  • Published : March 6, 2012
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* The Nature of Advertising Ethics in the Media
* The purpose of this paper is to inform audiences about the nature of the ethical standards in today’s media. * Introduction
* The industry of advertising is very illustrious and lucrative. While the glamour and humor of advertising may be entertaining, the question of it being ethical is often a concern. The ways that some advertising companies do business are often accused of being unethical due to their “embellishment” of some products. In advertising there are certain practices and procedures that are to be adhered to. However, there are some loopholes or different means of achieving the desired effects. Advertising agencies must have some form of a guideline in order to ensure that they are providing truthful facts and still are able to promote their product. Among the many aspects of advertising there are three main issues discussed in this report: the use of deception, advertising to children, and stereotyping in ads. * Methodology

* This report was prepared using journal articles, books, and internet sources. The resources were selected because of the specified topics and issues. * Analysis and Discussion
* Conclusions and Recommendations
* References
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