The Nature and Purposes of Research Within the Creative Media Industries

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The Nature and Purposes Of Research Within The Creative Media Industries.| [Type the document subtitle]|
NDCMP YR1 Creative Media Production 2012/2013Unit3: Research TechniquesLecturer: Faustina StarrettAssignment3: 1 Report| |
Stacy Buchanan|

Table of Contents

* Introduction

* Part 1 Types Of Research Used within the Creative Media Industries

* Part 2 Methods And Sources Of Research

* Purposes of Research

* Bibliography
* Appendix


For every assignment that I have to do within my course I have to do research. Therefore it is vital that I understand types of research, its purposes and how it is used within the Creative Media Industry.

Within this report I will look at different types of research, giving examples from my own work as well as published research to support each type. I will look at research methods and sources. I will look at industry bodies that carry out this research within this report.

‘It can be used to determine the financial viability of a future production, to gather a range of information relevant to the content of the production, or to assist with the planning of technical and logistical requirements.’-EdExcel Unit 3

Part 1- Types of Research used within the Creative Media Industry

Types of Research Carried out within the Creative Media Industries fall into two categories:

Quantative and Qualitative Research.

Quantative Research

This is carried out by the Media Industry to examine the figures and facts of what people are watching, buying, listening to, reading etc. This research information is important to show what is popular within the public and widespread audience in terms of what are people buying, watching and whether it is consistent ore changeable. This research can be monitored, daily, weekly, monthly, to give an accurate reflection on trends of interest. Quantative research shows what the public are prepared to invest into either financially by buying a product or investing their time into viewing or reading a product. This is important as ultimately the audience is the consumer and therefore knowing quantative based information gives direction as to what to create and produce more or less of in terms of content and also from a production point of view, an indication of hard copies of movies, magazines, books, cd’s to produce so it is very important for the economy as a whole as this filters through to other industries and affects employment. By Quantitative Research we can measure- Programme Ratings, Website Hits, Readership Circulation Figures, and Box Office figures, DVD and CD Sales and Game Sales.

Organisations responsible for obtaining this information and figures include: TV Viewing Figures - This site provides Box Office Figures for UK Movie Releases – This site provides Radio Listening Figures this organisation provides circulation figures for newspapers and magazines. I Tunes Chart give information of the most popular purchase/ downloaded music which shows the popularity of music at the current moment.

BARB- Broadcasters Audience Research Board. This organisation is responsible for providing the official measurement of UK television audiences. Barb is the official measurement for this Media Sector. They carry our research on areas such as what TV channel is being watched, comparing viewing figures between TV channels, comparing viewing figures for individual programmes, and who is watching these programmes based on the population of Television owning homes estimated at 26million. This research is carried out by the second and delivered minute by minute.

Rajar-Radio Joint Audience Research is the official body for measuring Radio Audiences within the UK. It is co-owned by the BBC and Radio Network. This produces its data quarterly and provides comprehensive and detailed listening...
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