The Nature and Purpose of Business Organisation

Topics: Organization, Structure, Management Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Based on what you learned in this seminar about searching the library and peer-reviewed sources, search the UoL online library databases appropriate for your programme for one peer-reviewed article that you could use to support your argument and response to the Discussion Question. Analyse the article you selected for the following aspects of scholarly argument and academic originality: How clear is the argument? How is it organised?

How does the author present his or her original ideas to the reader? How and where does the author incorporate outside evidence? Is it used at the beginning of the article to provide background on a topic? Is it used to support a specific point in the author’s argument? Is it used to present an idea and then offer an original critique of that idea? Something else? How does the author use citing, referencing, quoting, and paraphrasing in the article? How do you know this article is peer-reviewed and generally acceptable for citing and referencing in university work? Create a single document which includes the following components: Your response to the Discussion Question

A brief analysis of the article you identified according to the questions above A reference list entry for the article which uses the appropriate style guidelines for your programme Remember to also cite ideas from the readings and journal articles for this week.

Professor Galpin ( 1996) in his book described design as the abstract frameworks on paper, and distinguished between structure and process, where structure is the description of frameworks and process is the connection and activation of structure. However, Professor Child (2005) went further to explain that structure is about responsibilities and behaviour of organization’s members and how process will lead to good performance. I see structural organisation as a hierarchal, vertical, rigid structure, whereas process organisation as an interconnected, horizontal, soft structure. My organization is...
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