The Natural Book Review

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Book Review
Title: Natural is defined as being caused by nature or not of humankind as well as a person with an innate gift or talent. Suggesting the title “The Natural” will involve the main ideas of talents or gifts given by nature or even gods, giving a heroic feel to the story. Preface: This book was meant to entertain and inform the reader with a story of a hero who has fallen by their tragic flaws of

Table of Content:
~Chapter 1 (pg3-34)
Batter Up!
~Chapter 2 (pg 37-56)
~Chapter 3 (pg57-75)
~Chapter 4 (pg76-102)
~Chapter 5 (pg103-116)
~Chapter 6 (pg117-134)
~Chapter 7 (pg135-148)
~Chapter 8 (pg149-174)
~Chapter 9 (pg 175-192)
~Chapter 10 (pg193-214)
~Chapter 11 (pg215-217)

Roy Hobbs~ main protagonist ruled by his arrogance and by human flaws of lust, greed, and gluttony. Pop Fisher~ The knights manger, once a player but a bad decision caused is team the game. Leaving him wanting for a victory. Sam Simpson~ father figure to Roy, dies not being able to help Roy on his journey to greatness. Wonderboy~ Roy’s bat, weapon of choice, fails Roy when his hubris controls him at the end. Red Blow~ one of the knights coaches. The voice of reason for Roy. Max Mercy~ journalist that loves to see the best players be brought down Bump Baily~ egotistic and cocky player for the Knights, although talented he pushes himself to far causing him to crack his skull and die. The Whammer~ a talented athlete beat by the young Roy Hobbs. Harriet Bird~ a women murders major athletes. Shots Roy Hobbs early in the book, causing Hobbs to come 16 years later to the game. Memo~ Fishers niece, lovely red head girl,

1. Preliminary Information~ Malamud, Bernard. The Natural. New York: Modern Library, 1957. Print. Biographical Sketch~ a summery for key plot points, 2 paragraphs Thesis~ Bernard Malamud exemplifies human flaws, through major athletes egos, and the human condition; greed and lust as the ultimate road to ones downfall.

2. Authors bio
-family life
-writing career

3. Human flaws used
-hubris (ego)

4. Characters downfall
-made a fool of
-others respect

5. Recommend the book?
-yes b/c

6. Conclusion
- should come naturally
-restate thesis

“Bernard Malamud” .Encyclopedia Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica online. Encyclopedia Britannica Inc., 2012.Tues. 20 Nov. 2012 .

Malamud, Bernard. The Natural. New York: Modern Library, 1957. Print.

Malamud was born in Brooklyn New York on April 26, 1914 by Bertha and Max Malamud, two Russian immigrants. The American Novelist wrote several books, some circling his own life of being Jewish. At the start of the Great Depression Malamud was of teen age and passed his free time by watching films, his mother died during his teenage years leaving him responsible for his handicap brother. After high school he worked as a teacher in training before going to City College Of New York to obtain his B.A. Later he archived a Masters degree from Colombia University by writing a thesis on Thomas Hardy. Malamud’s teachings are represented in his short-stories as figurative language.

Working his way up the scholar later Malamud worked at high schools in New York, at Oregon State University, and Bennington College in Vermont. . In 1945 Malamud married am Italian- American Roman Catholic, against there families wishes, later gaining two children that later wrote his memoir “My Father is a Book”. In Malamud’s spare time he was devoted to writing, his first story “The Natural” was made into a film, but even after much controversy the film created a happy ending rather than Malamud’s lesson filled ending. “The Fixer” , his third novel, received the National Book award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Given annually since 1988 an award has been given in Malamud’s memory to the art of short stories.

Malamud opens his story describing the...
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