The Native American Experiance

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  • Published : May 15, 2012
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Mary Ann Preston
University of Phoenix The Native American experience ETH/125- Cultural Diversity Professor Janine Martins-Shannon

I am writing this paper as a person of Native American descent writing to a friend of a different race. This paper will inform my friend of the struggles we have had to endure and overcome throughout history.

Dear David,
I am writing you to inform you of the history of my racial group and also to inform you of some of the steps and processes that our government has implemented to help out this racial group. I hope that this letter reaches you well, and that at the end, you will have a better understanding and appreciation for the struggle and achievements that the Native Americans have overcame through the years. The questions that I will be covering are; what have been the experiences of the Native Americans throughout the U.S. history? What legislation meant to constrain race within prejudicial boundaries was enacted? What have been the political, social, and cultural issues and concerns of the Native Americans throughout American history? What legislation meant to alleviate prejudicial boundaries has been enacted? How did the various groups promote this legislation? Although my people had been living in an organized society for thousands of years before the white man came in 1492, the white man tried to force their customs, religion and beliefs on my people over the course of the next 400 years. The Europeans thought of my people as ignorant, godless and savage people. As more white men came onto our land, they pushed us off our land, relocating us to the poorest and most undesirable parts of land. They took our children and made them attend their school. Our language, traditions, and spirituality were...
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