The National Cathedral

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  • Published : April 5, 2007
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The National Cathedral

The national Cathedral is a Gothic sculptured building located in Washington D.C. There were several architect that help complete this masterpiece. Frederick Bodley started the structured in 1893 as the head architect. Henry Vaughan was appointed the head supervisor in 1907. After Bodley and Vaughan passed away, Philip Hubert Frohman an American finished the National Cathedral in 1990. It took 83 years to finish the project. The Washington National Cathedral landscaping is approximately 57 acres on Mount Saint Albans. It is the sixth largest Cathedral in the world. The National Cathedral consist of long, narrow rectangular mass formed by an eight bay nave with wide side aisles and a five bay chancel, intersected by a six bay transept. Above the crossing rising 91 m (301 ft) above the ground is the Gloria in Excelsis Tower. It's top, at 206m (676 ft) above sea level is the highest point I Washington D.C. In total, the cathedral is 115m (375 ft) above sea level. Uniquely, the tower has two full sets of bells. A 53-bell carillon and a 10-bell peal for change ringing. There are various gothic architectural styles of the middle ages, marked among other things, by pointed arches, flying buttresses, vaulted ceilings, stained-glass windows, stone-carved decorations, and three similar towers, two on the west front and one surmounting the crossing ( Most of the Cathedral has Christian symbolism.

The National Cathedral has been used for several major events. The State funeral of two American presidents, funeral for Katharine Graham, Presidential prayer service after the presidential inauguration, and a pulpit for Martin Luther King Jr. for his last speech prior to his assassination.

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