The National Assessment System (Nas) in Kenya

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Over the last few years Kenya has continuously sought to improve the educational system for its students. The National Assessment System (NAS) is an integral system of determining quality assurance in Education. It involves the monitoring of learning achievements of students to assess the quality of education. It is also a systematic evaluation of student learning achievement across the Country. The analytical results are used by policy makers and practitioners to inform the education quality reform process. With data that is comparable across various regions of the Country and over time, policy makers and stakeholders can identify gaps and bring about improvements in the curriculum, teaching and classroom support practices, as well as in the development of learning aids. Kenya’s National Assessment is currently set up as follows: 1.Standard One – Standard Eight : Kenya Certificate of Primary Education 2.Form One – Form 4: Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education 3.College/University: Various degree examinations

NAS can be divided into six groups namely, Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) , Primary level ( 8.4.4),Secondary Level (8.4.4), Tertiary Level, University Level and work world. The education system is facing a major crisis at the secondary and university level. Currently there is a task force on the realignment of the current education system with the new constitution in the bid to assist this problem

NAS at the Secondary level focuses on the cognitive (or knowledge) domain. Students learn several subjects divided into categories, languages, humanities, sciences and technical subjects. Article 11 (ii) (a) of the constitution states that the curriculum should promote Science and Indigenous Technologies therefore students learn subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Agriculture. The KCSE exam is taken by pupils in all public and private schools and by candidates who undertake private study including prisoners. Every person has...
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