The Nation's Early Beginnings, 1789-1840

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Goal 1 & 2: The Nation’s Early Beginnings (1789-1840)
1. Who was the first President?
2. What is a precedent?
3. What group did Washington create to advise him?
4. What two important pieces of legislation did the 1st Congress pass? 5. Who wanted to create a national bank?
6. What powers would be used to create a national bank?
7. How did the U.S. react to the latest British and French war? 8. What precedent for future Presidents did Washington set at his retirement? 9. What two things did Washington warn the nation about?

10. What were the names of the first two political parties?
11. Name the group led by Alexander Hamilton?
12. Name the group led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison? 13. What type of government did Hamilton’s group support?
14. What role did Jefferson’s group want the government to play? 15. Who ran in the 1796 election?
16. Who became the 2nd President?
17. What problem was there with the Vice-President that term? 18. Name the scandal that involved the French and a bribe demand? 19. What laws passed by the Federalists limited criticism of the government? 20. Which states objected to the laws with written resolutions? 21. The idea of a state ignoring an unconstitutional law is called? 22. What happened in the election of 1800?

23. Who wins the 1800 election?
24. What was Jefferson’s philosophy of government?
25. What Supreme Court case began the power of Judicial Review? 26. What lands did Jefferson acquire for the nation?
27. Who did Jefferson send to explore these new lands?
28. What Indian leader tried to unite Indians into a confederation? 29. Name the famous battle where the Indians were defeated by William Henry Harrison? 30. What group eventually began to encourage war against Britain? 31. When did the war with Britain begin?

32. The British managed to partially destroy which U.S. city? 33. What major battle did the Americans under Andrew Jackson win? 34. Name the system of internal improvements designed to unite the...
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