The Nanking Massacre

Topics: Nanking Massacre, People's Republic of China, World War II Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: December 2, 2012
The Nanking Massacre
The Rape of Nanking was a tragic time in Chinese history. This event will never be forgotten by the people in the once capital of China. An estimated 300,000 innocent people were killed in a matter of months. The Japanese have never apologized for the disturbing event and to this day the Japanese deny that the massacre ever took place. The Rape of Nanking will never be forgotten for this city has been scared with tragedy since this gruesome massacre. Is this Massacre actually Genocide, or is this just a result of poor command over Japanese soldiers? I believe that this event is in fact genocide, and it was a terrible event in time. It was a tragic December day in the beautiful city of Nanking. Japanese soldiers were making their way into the unprepared city. All the residents fled to the safety, a small area where tourists and German soldiers could not be harmed by the Japanese (Genocide in China.) Only a few citizens were able to flee to the safety zone, for there was only enough room for a few hundred people. The roads were empted, and everyone locked the selves in their homes. The Japanese soldiers had surrounded the city, there was no way the refugees could escape the now taken city. Once the Japanese had surrounded the city, they began their violent rampage. The soldiers began to raid the banks, government offices, and the warehouses. Once all important buildings were taken, the soldiers started killing civilians. (Genocide in China.) Once the citizens heard the gun fire, most ran out of their homes in an attempt to leave the city. There were two main roads which lead out of the city; the Japanese had set up areas throughout the streets to shoot the fleeing citizens. 10,000 people were killed the first day the Japanese intruded this capital city. Numerous war crimes were committed during the massacre. Some of the worst war crimes in history were committed during the raid on Nanking. A few days after the Japanese invaded Nanking they...
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