The Name of the Rose Symbolism

Topics: Seven deadly sins, Umberto Eco, Semiotics Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: May 10, 2012
The Name of the Rose is a book of symbolism, written by Umberto Eco who studied semiology, the study of signs and sign processes. His likeness of signs and symbols is shown through his text. In the book, there are some consistencies with the events at the Abbey and the number seven; specifically, there are seven monks who represent the seven deadly sins. Some of these monks that represent the seven deadly sins died and some did not. Either way, whether they lived or died, each monk shows the traits of the sins within themselves. Pride is a trait in which one is very proud of a specific skill or quality they possess. Although he is one who symbolizes one of the deadly sins, William’s character is very proud. When Adso and he first arrive at the Abbey, there are 15 men walking towards them. Amongst them is Remigio who is the first to greet them, but before he can even say anything specific in the conversation William shows his pride. He exudes this trait in a unique way. William, not knowing anything at all, discovers what the men are doing just by what he sees from first sight: “And I appreciate your courtesy all the more since, in order to greet me, you have interrupted your search. But don’t worry. The horse came this way and took the path to the right. He will not get far because he will have to stop when he reaches the dungheap. He is to intelligent to plunge down that precipitous slope. . .” (pg. 23, The Name of the Rose). William even had enough pride to state the name of the horse. This was because it was the Abbots favorite horse and it was evident to him that the only reason there would be fifteen people searching for it would be if it had been the Abbots horse. Sure enough the men went down the path and returned with that very horse. After seeing this, Adso’s curiosity grew enormously and he began asking his master William just in fact how he knew all of that information. He soon responded to Adso saying this is the type of information he had been...
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