The Name of the Rose

Topics: Religion, God, Christianity Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: April 14, 2011
The Name of the Rose:Discuss the religious content of a text

“The step between ecstatic vision and sinful frenzy is all too brief.” Said William of Baskerville in the film based on the book The Name of the Rose which was set in a medieval Italian monastery.

As the church gained power from the authority and strengthened than any authority in the call of spiritual comfort from the God, people who serviced for religion became addictive to power, and they also made faith an excuse to acquire property. “…, and the monks had no connection with those secular shepherds( the clerics), the priests and bishops, ignorant and corrupt, now supine before the interests of cities, where the sheep(namely, the populace) were no longer the good and faithful peasants but, rather, the merchants and artisans. (p.169)” We can see from the book that in even in 14th century, preaching the word of God and other religious affairs had not been the only things what clerics cared, they asked for territory, jurisdiction or estate for keeping the church or denomination strong and prosperous. Moreover, once there is a dissident voice on religion from the Roman Catholic Church, people who possess different opinion of the Bible or disobedient to the church are considered as heretics, they’ll have to face the Inquisition, and most of the time, the inquisitor uses very cruel methods to extort a confession that sometimes could kill people.

The faith in God disappears, and only excessive power of the church left. Clerics and populace turned their attention to personal benefit. No one would like be a church mouse. Charity and plainness were not virtues, but wealth was the truth.

What is the purpose of faith if there has one? There’s an argument about laughter between Jorge the blind and elder scholar and William; in the film, when William asked Jorge why he was so alarming about laughter, Jorge answered: “Laughter kills fear. And without fear, there can be no...
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