The Naked Ape Essay

Topics: Human, Chimpanzee, Thought Pages: 3 (1259 words) Published: January 21, 2013
The Naked Ape Essay
My question is “After all we’ve evolved from, why can we still not control some of our animal-like instincts?”
One possible answer is that no matter how much we evolve, we will always just be fancy apes. Desmond Morris said himself “Homo Sapiens have remained a naked ape nevertheless.” (The Naked Ape, page 9). To me, this is quite sad. However, I’m far from disagreeing with him. Apes can be extremely vicious and very easy to anger. Don’t we all know humans like that? And while not all people are like that, deep down, I’m pretty sure we all have a dark, ape-like side. I know that if people could read my mind, I would have been arrested a long time ago. The fact that most people can contain the violent thoughts they have is a sign that we have evolved from the apes, at least a little bit. However, there are still some people that act on these violent thoughts. How could some humans evolve from apes more than others? My thought is that maybe the humans that try to contain their violent instincts are attempting to hide who they truly are: fancy apes. Maybe the people that we call sick, crazy monstrosities are the only true human beings. The quote “His old impulses have been with him for millions of years, his new ones only a few thousand at the most - and there is no hope of quickly shrugging off the accumulated genetic legacy of his whole revolutionary past.” (The Naked Ape, page 9) supports this thought. I often wonder why we try so hard to pretend like we’re this great, superior species, when in all actuality we’re really not that different from other animals at all. Sigmund Freud said “It is a general principle, then, that conflicts of interest between men are settled by the use of violence. This is true of the whole animal kingdom, from which men have no business to exclude themselves.” (Why War?, page 8) I completely agree, and frankly, I think it’s kind of pathetic that so many people try to pretend that they aren’t as savage as their...
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