The Myth of the Latin Woman

Topics: Judith Ortiz Cofer, United States, Puerto Rico Pages: 1 (443 words) Published: September 15, 2012
Jurnal-2 The Myth of the Latin Woman
Judith Ortiz Cofer portrays in “The Myth of the Latin Woman: I Just Met a Girl Named Maria”, how society often stereotypes groups without a doubt. In this particular case, the offensive stereotype of the Latino women. I enjoyed this article and somewhat agreed with it .I think this story is little different from other story were immigrant American faces different obstacle to adjust with American culture. Cofer was not an immigrant. She was from a Puerto Rican, which is part of America, but still people misbehave with her because of her dress and look which I found unfortunate but very common. Americans are so used to seeing one way and one culture that when something new or someone new comes along they automatically assign a stereotype to them or try to relate them to a movie character we have seen. Is it right to judge someone only by looking at their dress? My answer will be “no”. It’s not right, but we can’t deny that it is not only Americans nature but also every other county in the world nature that they try to judge someone from their look. Even though there are reasons why cofe dress openly, still I don’t want blame blindly to stereotypes groups because if I see a girl openly dressed, I will think that she wants to show her body to everyone on purpose.  Cofer goes a little too far when she describes the incident where an old woman mistakenly thought that she was a waitress. I can feel and see the anger of Cofer when that incident happened. It is true that she had a ph.d degree and she deserve batter then that, but we can see that the old lady feel sorry for her behavior. This kind of thing happened with me couple of time were I went to shopping, but people thought I am an employee of the store. Those incidents made me unhappy, but not agree like her. But one the other hand; this article proves that anyone can succeed in life; no matter what...
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