The Myth of Orpheus vs. Song

Topics: Marriage, Orpheus, Grammy Award Pages: 2 (876 words) Published: November 4, 2011
Every song tells its own unique story; however the stories they tell are often up to interpretation. Bob James, the creator of the song Orpheus, wrote the song based on his interpretation of the myth. The music of Bob James continued to evolve and captivate audiences thought the world. Discovered by Quincy Jones at the Notre Dame Jazz Festival in 1963, Bob recorded his first solo album, Bold Conceptions, that year for Mercury Records. 36 more solo albums would follow through four decades; that number is just to date and does not include his Grammy award winning collaboration projects ( In 1985 Bob moved to Warner Bros Records and began that association with another million sellers and Grammy winner, Double Vision, his collaboration with David Sanborn, produced by Tommy LiPuma. It was in 1990 while recording his Grand Piano Canyon album that Bob reunited with his old friend, drummer Harvey Mason, Jr. and worked for the first time with Lee Ritenour on guitar and Nathan East on bass. The sessions for this project were the genesis of the group, Fourplay ( Some of his other albums are Explosions, Touchdown, and Rameau in 1984. Orpheus was an extremely gifted minstrel born from one of the Muses and a Thracian prince. A muse is any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus. Thracians were known as the Indo-European people group. There is evidence that the Thracians are linked to the Swedes (osterholm). Orpheus married a young maiden, Eurydice; however on her wedding day, she steps on a snake. Sadly, the young maiden is bitten and she dies. Her husband, Orpheus, tries to save her by going to the underworld. He makes a bargain with the spirits of the underworld, asking them to return Eurydice to him. Eurydice is set free, but her husband, Orpheus may not look at her until she exits the cave. The couple walks up the long cave and into the upper world. Sadly, Eurydice doesn’t make it all the way out of the cave before Orpheus looks at her....
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