The “Myth” About Hymen

Topics: Hymen, Islam, Virginity Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Jared Potts
Ms. Waters
Human Anatomy & Physiology
15 January 2013
The “Myth” About Hymen
Cultures around the world define the way people live. In many cultures, especially when it comes to religion, a woman’s sexual status is very important. In all religions alike, it is important that women maintain their virginity until their wedding. In stricter religions, breaking this vow can be considered serious. Old ideas use hymen to prove that women are virgins until their wedding night. The theory is that the hymen bleeds when broken by sexual intercourse. Hymen is a membrane that completely surrounds or covers part of the external vaginal opening, forming part of the vulva. Sexual intercourse and other contact can affect the condition of hymen. This led to the cultural myth about hymen, which is that it will bleed on the woman’s wedding night, proving that they are a virgin. There are many facts that disprove this theory, but yet many Muslim people still strongly believe in that theory and will take different measures, and different countries also use hymen methods to test virginity.

It is a strong myth in human culture that only if the hymen breaks and bleeds on a woman’s wedding night, that she is a virgin. But there are many physical factors that the medical field has proven over the past century that make this hymen theory untrue and unreliable. First of all, some girls are born with no hymen. That means that there would be nothing to bleed on a woman’s wedding night. Also, hymen is known to be a very sensitive tissue in some women, meaning that it can break and bleed due to other types of contact before a woman’s first time having sexual intercourse. This can involve from a woman using tampons. If the hymen is sensitive enough, it can tear when a woman is doing heavy physical activity, even doing gymnastics and other types of sports. The hymen can also be perforated, and these perforations can increase in size over time. This could lead to the hymen...
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