The Mystery of Manson

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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The Mystery of Manson
Charles Manson. The name is synonymous with one of the most notorious criminal minds in United States history. What makes him into the devious person that he is? Who was “The Family” and why did they follow him unconditionally even into prison and death? To this day, he has a congregational like following. Then and now Charles Manson can manipulate followers like silly putty and mold their minds like children’s Play Dough to do anything he desires. What does he have that makes some people devout followers for better or for worse? Mother of Manson

On November 12, 1934 in Cincinnati Ohio, Kathleen Maddox gave birth to a healthy baby boy she named Charles Milles Manson. Colonel Walker Scott is said to be the African American biological father of Charlie and was absent for all of his life. His mother, Kathleen, was a very uninhibited woman when it came to her sexual liaisons and it was not uncommon for Charlie to be in the same room while this happened. She was an alcoholic who was said to have sold Charlie to a waitress for a pitcher of beer. A couple of days later, his uncle found him and brought him back home where there was more abuse waiting for him. Would his life have turned out better if his uncle would have left him to be raised by the waitress? Who is to say? A time later his mom and uncle were sentenced to five years for robbing a gas station. Charlie was sent to live in West Virginia with an aunt and uncle. When his mother was paroled, she picked him up and went back to her previous way of life in a dilapidated old motel room. The only happy memory he has said he can remember was the hug he received from his mom when she was paroled. In 1947 she attempted to have Charlie placed in some kind of foster care and was denied. He was put into the Gibault School for Boys in Indiana per the court’s decision. He was there for less than a year when he ran away to his mother. He had dreams of running home to the open arms of his mother and leading a happy normal childhood life. When he arrived at his mother’s home, she opened the door and saw him standing there and slammed the door. There were no hugs, or tears, just a few cordial words and she called the cops on him and he was returned to the boy’s home. First Offense

In 1948, Charlie committed his first “known” crime of record. He was caught burglarizing a grocery store and sent to an Indianapolis juvenile detention center. After being there for one day, he was able to escape. He was captured and sent to Boys Town. Once again, he escaped, this time after four days and with another boy. The two, while on their way to the boy’s uncle’s home, committed two armed robberies. During the commencing of the second robbery, the two were caught and sent to the Indiana Boys School. Charlie claimed that during his time there, he was brutally abused physically, sexually and mentally. After escaping from the boy’s school with two others, they stole a car and burglarized many gas stations on their way from Indiana to California. The trio only made it as far as Utah before being caught and this time charged with a federal crime for taking a stolen car across state lines. He was sent to the National Training School for Boys in Washington D.C. Prison for the 1st Time

In 1951, after taking into account a psychiatrist’s recommendation, Charlie was transferred to Natural Bridge Honor Camp. Natural Bridge Honor Camp is a minimum security facility. This was Charlie’s first encounter with an actual correctional facility. While Charlie was waiting for his parole hearing in 1952, he sodomized a boy while holding a razor blade to his throat. This resulted in his transfer to the Federal Reformatory in Petersburg, Virginia, where he was ultimately labeled as “dangerous”. After numerous disciplinary violations, he was once again transferred. This time it was to Chillicothe, Ohio and the Federal Reformatory there. Amazingly he did an about face and became a model prisoner...
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