The Mystery of El Dorado: The City of Gold

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Daniel Villavicencio Mr. Fiore English 9 Honors 5/20/13 El Dorado
A man gilded in gold, a city constructed of gold, all a marvelous illusion told to explorers by Native Americans for centuries, but was there ever any truth behind it all, or did the Natives just want to be left in peace? There has been countless research done on the matter, both with and against, it is no doubt an amazing dream which inspired several throughout the years. El Dorado's misinterpretation by the Spanish began with “El Dorado” or “The Gilded Man” the several rituals the Natives spoke of sounded like great fantasies to the Spaniards, after all, a newly inaugurated chief, diving into a lake while sprinkled in gold dust, how can that not draw up speculation. (7-10) The great legend that is El Dorado is always changing; “the place where El Dorado is “supposed” to be kept changing” the people that supposedly settled there however were always the same. Among the several Indian tribes associated with El Dorado, the Chibcha, a sub tribe of South American Indians, a tribe that had a cult devoted to the god of the sun (Legend of El Dorado).They were an unusual people, with their several strange ceremonies they devoted to their many gods, but much like the majority of the Natives, they were most likely abused and enslaved. The several expeditions the Spaniards took were conducted by “desperate, ruthless men who only wanted gold; they often attacked native populace” stealing all their food and gold (Minster). The natives were quite smart however, the entire fabrication of “El Dorado” is most likely a lie that allowed the natives to diverge the explorers away, in search of, very literal, “fools gold”(Minster). In the legendary city of gold, El Dorado, there were several different rituals the Natives conducted. “Offerings of gold and emeralds were made to the Indian ruler who sprinkled gold dust on his skin”(7). In lake Guatavita, when a new ruler was ordained, precious jewels were...
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