The Mysterious Room (Novel by Ilsa Tariq, Only First 4 Chapters)

Topics: Egyptian language, Egyptian Arabic, Coptic language Pages: 9 (3900 words) Published: February 19, 2013
ThE MysterIous RooM

Written by: Ilsa Tariq

Alice had the interest of scouting things. She lived in France with her parents; Mr. and Mrs. Lacey and her younger brother Dominick. They shifted to France from Iowa when Alice was just 6, and now turning 14 on 7th of November. Alice, a very skilled and courageous girl who loves to go on adventures, as well as witty. She has gone through many chilling things in her life, one of them were in school. The room at the back was a mystery to Alice and her friends. As a result they planned to discover it. An ancient dairy in Mr. Henry’s office helped them and looked miraculous. Why was it in Mr. Henry’s office? Is it linked to him? What about the gleaming red diamond? Will Alice & her friends find out the mystery? Or not?

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Ancient Dairy
One gloomy morning, 17th October’1992, France. At 7:30 AM, I got prepared for school. I swiftly ate my supper and headed towards the garage. For the first time, my mother drove us to school for the reason that father was gone for an essential meeting to New York, along with my bother. I reached there and noticed that my friends, Ella and Cynthia were not present. In fact, the whole Grade 9 was not present. I felt uneasy. I quickly rocketed to the administration office in tense, to inform if where did grade 9 go? As soon as I reached there I saw the Vice Principal, Mr. Henry. He was tall gentleman with a buxom superstructure and firm shoulders. I quickly gained my confidence and asked him politely “Mr. Henry, where is the entire grade 9?” He replied, “Don’t you know Alice? They are gone to an overnight field trip to Luxembourg. They’ll return today. You should have been known Alice; you’re here in this International School since ages”. I got astonished. Mr. Henry gave me the permission to stay in his office until the students return. I waited for a long time, almost for an hour. I started to feel insecure and bored to tears. I stood up and started to look at Mr. Henry’s dairies. I opened a gigantic drawer which was engulfed with dust. There were plenty of ancient books, dairies and ink pens. I was very eager to open one of the dairies, but I was afraid that Mr. Henry might approach in the office and suspend me. But I was so impatient that I opened one of the dairies. It started by saying: IMPORTANT: “Do not enter the room at the back, on the top floor.” This alarming line fascinated me. I heard footsteps coming towards this room. I hid the diary behind the cushion at once. It was Mr. Henry; he gave me a smile full of pleasure and told me a fresh news, “Everyone is back from the field trip.” I was glad and before stepping out of the room I secretly took the dairy along with me dashing toward the gate and sighted everyone with smiles on their faces. Ella and Cynthia looked fresh. They both saw me and smiled with excitement. They both ran towards me, “Hi Alice! Why didn’t join us at the field trip? We had loads of fun”. Said Cynthia. “Sorry guys. I sort of forgot”. I replied. We three went to class; it was sport time. Instead we three sat in the garden and were chit chatting. I showed them the dairy I found in Mr. Henry’s office. “Woah. That looks ancient! What if Mr. Henry caught you?” Ella asked. “Then I would have been in trouble.” I replied. We opened the ancient dairy and the first line captivated us. We were wondering that what special would be in that room. Cynthia stood up looking overjoyed, “I say let’s go!” “No. But what if Mr. Henry finds out!” said Ella, who was petrified. “Dude, Ella. Are you scared? Don’t tell me. Alice and I are going in there.” Said Cynthia. “Please Ella, come and join us, nothing is going to happen at all!” Said I. Ella had made her decision to come along. Cynthia looked so energized which amazed me because I thought that she gets...
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