The Music of My Life

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Music: The lite of my life
Have you ever been walking down the street, not a particular street, on some idol Tuesday after noon, and a song comes on your IPod and you just want to break into a running dance? Scaring everyone around you, who think you are an escaped patient from a mental hospital? Well welcome to my life every day. Music plays such a big role in my life that I don’t know what I would do if one day I was to go deaf and not be able to hear music ever again. With that being said you need to know why I feel this way about music to know what it really means to me. How am I going to get across to you, what music means to me without you being inside my head? Well, let me start with the playlist of my life, so sit back, relax, hit play, and feel free to sing along. January 11th 1985, a child is born in a small hospital in random Kentucky town a song playing in the back-round. You see I was stuck inside my mom and I just had to cut loose. Kenny Logins footloose was playing in the other room the day I was born and my mom said I could not wait to get out and let the world see my shiny face. After that the only time I remember music as a young child was when my mom was singing to me. My mom is a fantastic singer she used to sing me to bed every night, and the song I always made her sing was from Dumbo and the song was Baby Mine by Betty Noyes. This song pretty much sums up my very young years I was kind of a moms boy with a tough exterior. The year was 1990 the world was in a tussle, 50,000 were killed in an earthquake in Iran, The USA started Operation Desert Shield, Saddam orders Kuwait to be invaded, Saturn released its first run of car’s, The Simpsons aired on Fox for the first time, and I was jamming out on my Walkman that my grandma bought me for my birthday. (If you are under 20 you have no clue what that is). The tape in my deck was a mix made by my uncle some of the titles included “Vanilla Ice, Ice Ice Baby” “Green Day, 39/smooth” and “Iggy Pop, Brick by Brick” my uncle was kind of a rocker. I was only 5 at this point but already music was starting to play a role in my life. I used to walk to school every day jamming out to some good old rock and roll on my tape deck. I remember and this is funny, I was walking to school like always with my brothers and sister whom I had 8 of at the time. They started fighting for some reason and all I could do is sit back and listen to my music laughing at them. All I could do is think that if they were listening to music like me they would not have been fighting, but singing. It is funny how music could affect me at such a young age. But without music, we exist at the mercy of audio pollution as damaging to mental health as air and water pollution are damaging to physical health (Janaro & Altshuler, 2012, p.155). This statement is as true now as it was back then, without music I may have gotten into just as much trouble as my brother and sisters did when they got older. I am not saying I was an angle as you will see further in this paper, but I was much better than they were. My life was changed dramatically when I was 10. My parents both got great jobs and saved up enough money to move us out of our 2 bedroom house, the only problem our new house was 75 miles away on 2 acres of land in the middle of nowhere and this is where my real personal journey with music began. I was plucked from the city and moved to a place where I had to take a school bus to school every day. By this time my tape deck was out and my Sony CD player was in. I was really excited when I started my first day of 4th grade. I was up early ready to go before my other brothers and sisters. We waited for the school bus for about 15 minutes outside and we were excited. When the bus pulled up the first thing I noticed is how the kids were dressed, they were all wearing really nice cloths, and us being a poor family I had on some...
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