The Music Essay

Topics: Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, The Jackson 5 Pages: 9 (3878 words) Published: October 2, 2011
Alicia Conquering Bear
Dr. Miller
ENG 135.01 Composition 1
June 2011
The Music Essay
When we hear, music what do we normally think about? Do we hear the beat of it, the guitar, the drums? Or do we simply get lost in the lyrics? To be honest, I love listening to music just so it can fill the silence. I know that sometimes silence is good, but then again it can be deafening. Listening to silence can go either way because we can either like it or hate it. Silence is golden even I know that but sound is also great. I guess its just the way you feel at a certain point to like either one. I know from experience that music is a refreshing kick to the start of your day. I once heard an informative speech on music during my senior year of high school on music. I remember the speaker saying that music has a lot of influence on our lives. For example, in the morning when you listening to music and you listen to sad music you feel that way throughout the day. And if you listen to upbeat music you will feel happy for the rest of the day. I have no clue if that is true or not. I have tried it out and I felt that it was indeed correct, but it could have just been me wanting to believe that. I found that music can be either distracting or inspiring. Sometimes it can even be both. We just have to find a balance somewhere in between. I know for a fact that music is an important part of my life. But what about the people that make the music? How or why would they write songs? The answer to that is, they are writers. What they have in their mind wants to soar, so they write it down and share it with the world. The other thing is that they have musical instruments that they can get inspiration from. The good thing about writing is that they have something and they work hard to share it with the world. The following is a couple of examples of artists’ life stories and what they did to “make it”. A man once sang, You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time, you ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time, well you ain’t never caught a rabbit, and you ain’t no friend of mine (ELVIS PRESLEY - HOUND DOG LYRICS). He is the king of rock-n-roll. He is Elvis Presley. He was and still is a well-known artist who became really popular in 1956, but how did he achieve this reputation? Was it his style of singing, his hip-shaking, or was it the guitar? Or perhaps it was a combination of the three? Who knows? The King was really popular and in a way he still is. His life began just like that of anybody else’s. He was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. He had a twin brother that was stillborn, for that reason, Elvis was raised as an only child by his two parents. This caused him to develop a close relationship with his mother. He attended the Assembly of God where he found his initial musical inspiration. When he was younger he was shy and considered a loner but he changed that by singing during lunchtime in his school Milam. When he was a teenager his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee. In his senior year he entered in the Humes’s Annual “Minstrel” show where he sang a song and became really popular among his classmates. Later between the years of 1953 through 1955 were his first recordings. At first it was speculated that he just wanted to sing to see how he sounded or he wanted to record a few songs as a gift for his mother, but some say that he just hoped to get discovered there. To his dismay nothing came out of it (Elvis Presley). Later he worked as a truck driver. During this time his friend suggested that he should contact Eddie Bond and try out for vocalist, but he was rejected and advised that he should stick to truck driving “Because you’re never going to make it as a singer”. Later a man named Sam Phillips had taken earlier notice of him and wanted him because he hoped that Elvis would be the white man with a Negro sound, and felt that he could get rich from. They tried recording but it proved unfruitful, and...
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