The Multivariate Technique

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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Multivariate Technique
Business Research Unit 5
Everest University
Bethany Battistone
June 23, 2012

In this assignment, I have been asked to identify which multivariate technique I would use to analyze each of below mentioned situations.

A. Employee job satisfaction (high, normal, low) and employee success (0-2 promotions, 3-5 promotions, 5+ promotions) are to be studied in three different departments of a company. For this particular study, I would utilize the tabular presentation a “tables are generally superior to text for presenting statistics, although they should be accompanied by comments directing the reader’s attention to important figures.” (Cooper Schindler Pg. 586) Tables are typically a detailed summarization of important facts the researcher is trying to get across to the reader and intended audience of the study. A table should contain only information which is pertinent to the reader and should omit any unnecessary information. B. Consumers making a brand choice decision between three brands of coffee are influenced by their own income levels and the extent of advertising of the brands. For this particular study, I would utilize a bar chart as it “compares different entities on the same variable or component of a variable.” (Cooper Schindler Pg. 589) I would use a separate bar chart for each income classification for allow the reader to visualize the favored coffee brand for that given income classification. C. Consumer choice of color in fabrics is largely dependent on ethnicity, income levels, and the temperature of the geographic area. There is detailed area wide demographic data on income levels, ethnicity, and population, as well as the weather bureau’s historical data on temperature. How would you identify geographic areas for selling dark-colored fabric? You have sample data for 200 randomly selected consumers: their fabric color choice, income, ethnicity, and the average temperature of the area where they...
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