The Multimedia Information Release Project of Telecom Industry

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Name: Ankit N Gandhi.
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The multimedia information release project of telecom industry

After a high-speed development, the competition of China's mobile telecom industry has moved from technology to the service. In recent years, with the mobile users increase by leaps and bounds,the number of two operators user in the market show rising, but there are all show a tendency of serious slump in the value of ARPU (average telephone charge per user) of the two operators. It shows that the profit space of mobile communications services industry has narrowed. After joining the WTO, foreign access to this competition will lead to more incandescent, competitors will face the situation of the survival of the fittest and big waves wash the sand. This shows the focus is how to enhance the service level through a variety of ways , and as the windows of mobile communications company to face the end user, the service level and service quality of business hall has a significant impact on the customer loyalty, the multimedia business information release system of business hall is one of the quality services means, so construct a multi-media information release platform, mobile companies can integrate their image, services, promotions, business guidelines in a unified platform to publish, also can publish all kinds of mobile phone products advertising, to provide a comprehensive information platform to business users.

System function:
The system is based on the LAN or the Internet multimedia information release system,almost support all the curent main streaming media file format,it allows enterprises and large organizations, operators or chain organizations to build a network-based organizations which can publish video, pictures, captions, Flash , web and other media publish information of multimedia information platform to provide to users with high-quality multimedia information services. Support to play the audio-video format film and advertising video of mainstream format. Support to play the notification, news and intro of the rolling titles form, support for multilingualism. Dynamic rolling titles,audio and video files announcements. Support the browser function, support Web browser.

Support to play a variety of picture formats.
All the broadcasts, control, management can be achieved through a set of management software. All the downloading and playing are controled through the network automatically without manual intervention. Can arbitrary adjust the size of window.

Support FLASH animation pages and web-based applications.
Through management software can manage play, pause, resume, delete of the terminal. System features:
1. Adopts c / s structure,the management is flexible, stable and reliable. The server undertaker most of works which makes it have heavy burden.When use the C/S structure, the client and server-side are able to handle tasks, it can alleviate the pressure on the server. Moreover, the client use browser, made to release information on the internet must be based on HTML format, most other files stored in the form of accessories. 2. Embedded systems, stable and reliable The terminal player of this release system adopt the embedded Linux system, the application is firmware , the terminal player is Stability and reliable,there are Windows and Linux two systems to choose with actual situation, the client manager software is running on the Windows platform, to improve the flexibility ,the stability and reliability. 3. The FTP technology guarantee the Qos with sent documents over the network FTP (File Transfer Protocal) is used an protocol of two-way transmission on the internet. At the same time, it is an application. Users can connect their PC to all the FTP server over the world, and to access numbers of procedures and information. Is an...
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