The Mullatto

Topics: White people, Black people, Puerto Rico Pages: 3 (1362 words) Published: September 25, 2011
The Hughes play begins in the big house on a Georgia plantation, a setting that does not change throughout the play. The plays have a variety of characters such as Colonel Thomas Norwood and white plantation owner who is the father of Cora Lewis four living mulatto children he is a widower and have a quite of a temper, however he treat the mulatto better than most plantation owners that treat their African American workers, and then we have Cora Lewis which is the black housekeeper and mistress of Colonel Tom Norwood, which she have four kids by, which is basically the peacemaker of the house which is kind of hard for her because she have to put her own feeling on the side, and does everything for her kids. Now we have William Lewis which is the oldest mulatto son, William really do not have any ambition to be anything more than a field hand. William has his own family and want nothing less, but to have his family live out a random okay life. Then we have Robert Lewis which is the youngest mulatto son of Cora and Colonel, Robert is the one that start a lot of conflicts in the family, to lead to the big events. Sallie Lewis is the seventeen-year-old mulatto daughter of Cora Lewis and Colonel Norwood, she is light skin and get be perceive as being white, Sallie however want to be a teacher, but Norwood wants her to be a cook, however the mother, and Sallie lied to Norwood and told him that she was going to cooking school. Mr. Fred Higgins is a local politician he is the friend of Colonel Norwood and he believes in the racial superiority of whites. Fred has a negative analysis of the Cora and Norwood relationship and is always criticizing their relationship. Last but not least, we have Sam which is Colonel personal servant, who believes in going with the status quo.

The Mulatto begins in a big house in a Georgia plantation that Colonel Thomas Norwood own which is the white plantation owner, and in Act 1 Sallie Lewis is going to school to become a teacher,...
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