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MTV’s New Reality Case #3
In dealing with strategic management it is the process that analyze any existing situation and strategic management process is a process that implies interrelated and sequential activities in which it may lead to some type of result such as; strategy implementation, situation analysis, strategy evaluation, and strategy formulation. What this is basically telling us that any organization can set their strategies and getting it done. In the MTV’s New Reality Case #3 show how they use both strategic management and strategic management process by creating and starting a the MTV channel in 1981 targeted teens and young adults, then then in 1992 they created the TV show The Real World about seven strangers living together and was filmed on a daily basis. The show and channel did so well that it had massive audience which was over 2.1 million subscribers. When the audience increased the process allowed them to grow which lead them owning numerous amount of MTV TV channels and show as well in which lead them to go digital and global in the US and 160 countries around the world.

The only challenge I think that MTV might face is the criticisms from the industry analysts saying that its “lock” on the youth culture was in danger so MTV figured out a plan for both strategies global and the digital environment. Also another challenge is that since the CEO, Judy McGrath resigned because she had an “desire to seek a new career direction” but with the Viacom press release they stated that, she was put into a position to resign by the president of Viacom after he made her an offer that would have changed her duties so now without the guidance and insights of her help MTV executives will have to come up with strategies with the help of the president of Viacom because Judy McGrath was the one who handled that department.

Some performance measures that MTV’s strategic decision makers for digital and global strategies are; global have a dance...
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