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Proof is a film by John Madden. This movie is based on a play written by David Aubum which was a Pulitzer Prize winning play. This was originally produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club on May 23, 2000. It was made into a movie in 2005. Proof was acted out as in today’s times, not a replica that would have taken place decades ago. The main cast members were Gwyneth Paltrow as Catherine, Anthony Hopkins as Catherine’s father and Jake Gyllenhaal as Hal.

This film is about a professor that was a mathematician. Anthony Hopkins played this specific role. The beginning started out as if he had been sick and shortly into the movie he passed away. Flashbacks that were not distinctly identified by some sort of change in scenery or computer editing, told the story of his profession and the brilliant mind of his character. Catherine dedicated the past 5 years to taking care of him throughout his illness until his passing. Catherine got to where she did not care as much about her appearance and schooling because of her devotion of love and care to her father. Hal was a student of her fathers who was a graduate also in mathematics. Hal knew of Catherine’s father’s proofs of math problems he came up with that proved to be correct, and wanted to find, out of his 130 notebooks, if his last one was correct. If it was, Hal wanted to have it published and made public. His personality was portrayed as a down to earth type of person who had a lot of care for Catherine. Catherine’s sister Clair (Hope Davis) comes into town for the funeral. She had a bold, persistent personality. She would not give up on anything until it was going to go the way she wanted.

As the story goes ~ Catherine and her father lived together in Chicago. She took care of her ill father for many years until his death. Everyone that knew of him knew he was a genius in math, even coming up with formulas that no other could do. During his battle and staying at home, he would still practice problems and...
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