The Movie Crash

Topics: Police, Criminal law, Crime Pages: 3 (903 words) Published: April 16, 2012
The most powerful scene in this movie is when the Indian man shows up at the end the Spanish mans house still upset his store getting robbed and blaming him for it. The Indian man has a fully loaded revolver. When the Spanish man get out of his work truck, the Indian man walks up and pulls out his gun asking him where his money was. The Spanish man not knowing what he was talking about he went in his pocket and told him he could have the fifty dollars that he had. At the same time all this builds up the Spanish mans daughter is in the houses front doorway looking at he father. The Spanish man had a bond with his daughter about a special gift that they had to wear and she realized that her father was not wearing it. His daughter ran outside to give the gift to her father. The Indian man fired his gun off at the same time the Spanish mans daughter jumped on him to protect him. The Spanish man screams horrifically thinking that his daughter had been shot. Surprisingly the Indian mans daughter had loaded the gun with all blanks before she gave the gun to him. The Spanish man realized his daughter had not been shot and expeditiously took her in the house. I selected this scene because when you look at the conflict between these two characters it’s very interesting. You have one character that is not mad and very calm. (the Spanish man) You then have the other one who is very angry. (the Indian man) The Spanish man tried to help the Indian man earlier in the movie but the Indian man was so mad at everything else that was going on around that he did not notice. Then he was tried to do the worst and kill the Spanish man for something that he did not do. This scene is powerful because at one point you really thought the Spanish man was going to get killed and you did not want that for his character, then the daughter get into to the picture and it really looks bad. Then the gun was filled with blanks! Get sequence of events.

The portrayal of the criminal justice...
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