The Movie Crash

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, Discrimination, United States Pages: 3 (1036 words) Published: May 26, 2011
In the movie, Crash, nearly any racism and discrimination you can think of are shown. In all of these the core problems are lack of civil liberties, rights, social justice, and prejudices from people. This movie did a great job of showing what goes on in certain societies. The main races shown as minorities and being treated wrong were African Americans, Hispanics, and Persians/Asians. Civil rights are defined as, “The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality.” Civil liberties are defined as, “Guarantees of the safety of persons, opinions, and property from the arbitrary acts of government.” Social justices are defined as, “The application of the concept of justice on a social scale.” Prejudices are defined as, “An unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.” All four of these are heavily shown in Crash. It is unfortunate that these things happen to people, but it is important to know they do happen and to not treat people like this.

African American rights have been a struggle throughout our history, and probably always will be. A major landmark in our process to equality was the Civil Rights Act of 1964. It was an Act in the United States that outlawed some forms of discrimination against African Americans. This act outlawed the segregation of schools, work places, and public areas. It also outlawed unequal voting laws. In the movie, African American discrimination was shown a lot. A scene with car-jacking involving African Americans showed the way that many people view the entire race to behave. There were also scenes with racial profiling and even being ignored at a restaurant. One of the worse scenes showing the discrimination and total loss of equality and rights to all races was a scene where a white police officer pulled over an African American couple for not good reason and proceeded to take full advantage of his situation. He sexually assaulted the woman because he knew they...
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