The movie “All Quiet on the Western Front”

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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All Quiet on the Western Front

The movie “All Quiet on the Western Front” can provide us with a lot of insight about the soldiers experience in World War I. The movie and what we learned in class can help us out with this. In the movie there were a lot of kids and just by looking at their face you could tell what they were thinking. Some of them were very scared of what might happen to them, some of them were determined to come home well and alive, and some of them looked excited to be serving the Fatherland and doing their duty. Back in Germany they told the students over and over that it was their duty to fight in the war and that is what men do in Germany. They were told they were serving the Fatherland and bringing glory back to their homeland. There were not a lot of medically experienced people in the war which caused patients to be not treated very well and many people passed away from something easily treatable today. The teachers would tell all of the students that if you did happen to die it would be quick and painless, just one shot through the heart, while in many cases that was not true. Many people died from just a gunshot to the leg, or a shot in the foot, like we saw in the movie. They had to amputate body parts just to attempt to keep them alive.

These kids fighting the war were getting younger and younger as the war went on. They were told they were just showing patriotism and nationalism by protecting their home, but really they were just waiting to die in some of the worst conditions possible. After the war many soldiers were traumatized from the things that they experienced. People they know are dying around them every day, and there is always that feeling of uncertainty about what is going to happen to you. It always feels like chance is looming over you. There were rats everywhere and death by gas was not uncommon. In the movie they said that five to ten soldiers die to each old hand, just because of the sheer lack of knowledge about...
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