The Motorcycle Event Rider Mania in India

Topics: Dirt track racing, Royal Enfield, Bicycle Pages: 4 (1218 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Rider Man ia (RM) is an event motorcycle hosted by riding com the Royal munity in initiated in India every Enfield 2003 to co year. The e mmemora Riders and vent was te the spir biking club it of moto s across the rcycling. country ga ther for the 3 day fest. RM 03: Host ed RM 04: Host in Goa ed in Goa RM 05: Host ed in Panve l RM 06: Host ed in Chen nai. RM 07: Host e RM 08: Host d in Nagpur ed in Hyde rabad RM 09: Host ed in Goa RM 2010: G oa.

The event opener on day 1 was figure-of-eight competition where the participants had to make a figure-of-eight around 2 trees in a closed circuit without putting the foot down and without touching the boundary lines. It was a team event where every team had 4 members and each member had to make one figure-of-eight before giving the bike to his other team member to do the same. Yours truly also tried his hands in this competition, but my team was disqualified as the last team member had put the foot down while making the last circle. Next on list was the slowrace, a solo event where the rider had to cover a few meters on the ground, riding as slow as he or she could, without stalling the bike or putting the foot down. The slowest one was to be the winner. As the eventful day came to an end, live performance by the “Thermal and Quarters” band rejuvenated the tired riders. The second day of this Rider Mania was largely an ‘outdoor’ day where the riders participated in dirt track racing and trials in the grassy and uphill/downhill circuit, built near the parking lot. While the amount of adrenaline decided who won the dirt track race, the bike riding skills of the riders were put to the ultimate test in the trials competition where they had to clear a course full of obstacles in the shortest time possible. In between these 2 events, COO of Royal Enfield, Mr. Venky Padmanabhan, and Mr Shaji Koshy, DGM Marketing visited the event as special guests of honour and interacted with their ‘tribe’ members while also...
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