The Motivation of Festival Visitors

Topics: Scientific method, Research, Festival Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: April 19, 2011
1Article One: “A case study of Glastonbury an V Festival”5 2Article Two:7

Article One: “A case study of Glastonbury an V Festival” Phenomenon, Aims, Scope and Sources of Evidence
The Phenomenon of the article is to implement the motives of visitors attending a music festival determining quantitative responses taken place at V Festival and Glastonbury in the UK in order to design better products and services aiming greater attendance and lure sponsors for funding. According to Lundberg (1990, as cited in Crompton & McKay, 1997) motives in the field of festivals and events is the least researched area in tourism, even though it is the central role in the decision-making process. Crompton & McKay’s study mainly compares the visitors’ motivations for attending two UK-based music festivals with existing research done overseas in order to quest and sustain existing ideas. The authors Gelder and Robinson (2009) support the risky fact that festival managers rely only on the theme of the event itself in staid of aiming on the multiple motivation of the visitors. Nowadays, festivals have wide themes beyond the music experience. The authors believe that festival managers should focus on realising marketing and service strategies. Besides, the authors suggest that the future research must be extended on new methodical approaches on how to attract visitors. Finally, the authors challenge the nature of the underlying theory, and the remaining questions that are still based in the field of sociology of tourism. They wonder why the academic research is so far behind while the declining rise of the music festival industry continues. Gelder and Robison (2009) believe the research on festivals is significant because the leisure industry is one of the biggest in the UK worth £1.7 billion a week and responsible for 25-38% of consumer spending (Yeoman et al. 2004). The authors consequently compare Glastonbury and V Festival as they are the largest in the UK,...
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