The Mother Poem

Topics: Abortion, Emotion, Pro-choice Pages: 2 (726 words) Published: November 9, 2010
The Mother
In our society , although accepted, abortion is one of the most controversial matters. It’s morality has become a big controversy and causes a lit of conflict politically. In some religions, particularly in Catholicism, abortion is considered as a mortal sin. Others would agree, however others may disapprove. Other people believe that the matter of abortion should be left by the mother’s choice and decision. In the United States of America, by law, abortion is considered legal under strict requirements and qualifications, such as the number of weeks since conception and the reason of the conception, being voluntarily or forcefully.

Gwendolyn Brooks is a writer who creates a great impact and influence towards the subject of abortion. In her poem “The Mother”, she narrates as a mother who has gone through several abortions. This poem is meant to publicize the existence of abortion and also to voice out the feelings of a mother who grieves over her aborted children.

“The Mother” is a poem written in the first person. The narrator speaks directly and personally to the reader in which she uses the words “you” and I”. on the first line she says, “Abortion will not let [you] forget,” the usage of the word [you] addresses the reader and captures his/her attention. By this the narrator conveys her deep feelings toward her audience and shows her sincerity. Brooks also followed the structure of a free verse poem where each stanza contains different number and size of lines. This structure shows the truthfulness and sincerity of the narrator by making the poem sounds more like a cry, a prayer, or a conversation, rather than a common poem.

Brooks use of imagery also helps capture the theme of the poem. In the third line she describes the “damp small pulps with a little or with a little or with no hair,” which refer to the appearance of a fetus after being aborted. When Brooks mentions “the singer and workers that never handled the air” it shows a sense...
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