“the Most Significant Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me”

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Joyce White
English 1 Betty Ray
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“The Most Significant Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me”

Running in to the room, I threw my bags on the floor. I jumped into my bed and landed onto my soft feathery pillows. The feathers flew through the air, and as they drifted gracefully down, they tickled my face. They were soft and comforting to the touch. This is a time I remembered, when I was truly happy!

I have done many things in my life that I’m not proud of. I know that everything in life happens for a reason, but sometimes we lose sight of what really matters. For every action, there is a reaction. For every cause, there is an effect. I think that when one hits rock bottom, there are two options. Get back up and carry on with your life, or just lie there, and let life pass you by. What you do then is completely up to you. What is your aspect on life when the walls around you come crashing down?

I am sitting here in a cold, dark cell, where all I can hear are metal doors slamming all around me. I think to myself, what now? What have I done this time? Can it really be that bad? I’m scared and completely alone. For the first time in my life I am on my own, I have no one to turn to, no one to help. Days go by and still I hear nothing. I have written but got no response. To this day, I can still remember just how horrible and bland the food was, it was either that or nothing. Could what they were doing to me be humane? I’ll never forget the first night I was there. No pillows, No mattress, No privacy, No life. My days turned into weeks, and my weeks turned into months. I felt as if my life had been completely torn apart.

Walking in the court room, the shackles cutting into my ankles, my head dropped. As I stood before the judge, my stomach fell to the floor. I just knew that I had done it this time, and my life was over. Then she said, “I am going to give you another chance…” I was then sentenced to Matrix House, where I would do the...
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