The Most Memorable Party

Topics: Joke, Laughter, Punch line Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: October 4, 2011
The Most Memorable Party

                         My last year birthday was the most memorable party. It was different than any other parties. I invited my family and all my friends to come over. They brought me all kind of presents for my birthday. We had really fun, played games, cooked and danced. We spent most time on playing games. We told jokes, introduced each other and joked around. There were three different group of ages on my birthday. Elders, teenagers, and children. Elders, they were chatting with their group. Teenagers were joking around and children were playing around. After that, all the girls cooked and all the boys helped them out. We cooked different type of foods. For elders and children we cooked like rice, chicken, pork etc. For adult, we cooked spicy foods like fried spicy shrimps and spicy soup. And then, we put all the foods on a long table and asked the eldest person to pray. While we were eating, each person had to tell either good or bad things about me. At first, everybody was afraid to start it. So my mother started saying like this "my son still wet in the bed till he was fourteen years old." Everybody laughed at me on that joke. A few minutes later, my girlfriend got up suddenly and said, "he is a good kisser." and everybody was like laughing and cheering at me. That day my stomach got numb because I laughed too much. We had really fun that day. When I saw an event like this, I talked to myself "you do not get to experience or see like this so often." I was just so happy and this is the reason why my last year birthday was my most memorable party.
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