The Most Memorable Day of My Life

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  • Published : November 16, 2011
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Everyone has a special memory that they will never forget. To me, spending time with my husband on my twentieth birthday was the best time that I have ever had.
In the morning, he took me to a Chinese restaurant in Orange County for breakfast. The food was really tasty, and my husband wanted to make sure that we were full before getting to Universal Studios. After thirty minutes of driving, we finally got there. At the parking lot, I saw a huge word” Universal Studios”. That made me really excited, and I couldn’t wait to get in. After we went through the gate, there were some people taking a picture of us. I tried to be pretty in front of the camera. There were a lot of movie’s pictures inside. We had a picture with The Incredible Hulk, but of course, it was just a statue. We first went to watch Terminator show. It was amazing, the show was in 3D. I felt like it was real. After that, we went to Jurassic Park the Ride; there was a long line, but it took only ten minutes to get in. I was so scared when we were falling down, we all got wet, but it was a great feeling! The next one was Revenge of the Mummy, I loved this one the most, but my husband didn’t like it much because it made him dizzy. We didn’t forget to take a picture with Homer- our favorite cartoon, both us of hugged him as if we wanted to let him go. It was so funny! Later, we traveled Hollywood Studios where many famous movies

were made. They showed us how they shot the “Fast and Furious” movie and also a small river that became a big ocean in the movie. I was so impressed when I saw the set of War of the World. There was an airplane crashed scene, the same one I saw in the movie. I always wondered how they did that. At 6pm, we were really hungry after traveling around Universal. I told my husband that we could stop by some seafood restaurant around there, but he told me that he already knew where to go for dinner. It was a surprise. After one hour of heavy traffic on Hollywood Blvd,...
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