The Most Memorable Day in My Life

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The Most Memorable Event in My Life
Everyone has a special memory that they will never forget. To me , visiting my grandparents in countryside with my big family was the most memorable day .i was 4th grade . It was my first visit with that many people , to a countryside that I had always wanted to visit during the school months was countryside village that I was born in . Doing a trip with my big family was a lot of fun . We drove off with 3 cars from city to the village. My family (father . mother and me) were in first car , my uncle Karl’s family (my uncle , aunt and their son and daughter) in second car , my uncle John’s family (My uncle John, his wife Sarah and their son) in last car . We stopped several times on the way to village and had a meal and children played a card , volleybal etc., . The children, we were nearly same age , so it was really fun on the way. Reaching grandparents’ was unforgetful . When we reached near 40 km from grandparents’ home , Sight was wonderful. Sun was going down ,sky was glowing in flamingo . Flock of horses were scorching , cows were mooing. it was amazing . When we arrived grandparents’ , they had already come out and watching us. They treated us milk tea and meal . We erected our tents and played. We helped our grandparents , learned many things and ate delicious meal. We (children) learned to graze cattles , make a dried curds and ride a horse . it was amazing . I liked the food and meal such as marmot meat (maybe now it has been prohibited) , the meal that contained cattle liver , lung etc., with alpine leek. We have so many good times more.,

At last Being and spending time with my family were amazing. Going back to the city was hard . I wanted to stay but we might go. I learned a lot of thing and had a fun time . I hope we’ll travel like this agan very soon .
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