The Most Important Things Happening in My Life

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  • Published : September 12, 2012
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Being young doesn’t last long; that’s why everyone should have important things happening for them. Thinking about the title somehow meditates my mind, because I’m thinking about the negative things that some people have told me in the past. Telling me who I’m going to be and where I’m going to be. I thank God for letting me see my past and hopefully seeing my future. In life, situations happen for a reason, maybe a good or bad way. If it’s bad then you need to make a change in your ways to live a better life. If it’s a good way then your on a good track and keep it up. Always remember everyone is equal, so if one person is important, then we all are. Attending Bainbridge College has put me in spot of being who I dreamed of being. The assistance and help that I get from the professors are very supportive and helpful. Effort is a key in life; you wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything if you don’t put any effort into it. Being dedicated with this school work has given me confidence to ace for better. Anybody can do it, excuses are made by children; adults should not have excuses. Being in college boosted my level of maturity, now I can learn something that can benefit me in the long run. Most of us are divided into cultures that are discriminated on. Why can’t we be judge by the person inside? We shouldn’t have to always worry about a clerk of a store watching us as soon as we enter, it is not necessary. Each one of us has a unique mindset or set of beliefs which are continuously changing and which we use to make decisions, each of which has significant roll on effect on how the rest of our lives turn out. These mindsets are determined by the unique environments we have grown up in our age, our education and the impact that each life experience has had on us. Our unique mindset is either working in our favors or working against us in each and every situation that we face. One way that we can test how online our thinking is in a particular situation is to...
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