The Most Important Invention

Topics: Invention, Thought, Time Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: April 25, 2011
The most important invention of mankind

Thinking about important and revolutionary inventions, make us visualise something material and sophisticated such as the television, the computer, the car, the airplane and so on. Each one of these elements was indeed very revolutionary and brought fundamental changes for the whole world. Nevertheless I consider that the most significant creation of mankind is also one of the oldest. It’s the elaboration of the graphic system of communication: writing. Although it may sound a bit disconnected from the idea we have of huge and technological creations, writing is the base for almost everything man has invented. But it has also become so habitual in our lives that we don’t even think about it with more consideration. Men proved to have reached a very developed level of intelligence when we managed to translate oral words into graphic symbols. It was a step ahead in the history of men evolution. We proved to be able to make things more abstract. The invention of writing brought many others that were very revolutionary each one at its time. Printing, for instance. It made the old process of writing books by hand totally obsolete. The information was quicker reproduced and spread all over. It was another step forward into men evolution. A process directed linked to the use of writing. Nowadays with the globalisation and Internet linking people from all over the world, we may think that computer is the most significant creation of modern times. And indeed it may be. But it’s another step along the road of the development that writing has reached. Mankind has been improving daily and each day quicker. Maybe in a near future man will come up with a totally new method of communication. But will the writing ever be totally banished from civilisation?
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