The Most Important Day of My Life

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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The Day that Changed my Life
There I was having an ordinary day, a barbecue with my friends where all went as normal and then I get a call from my daughter, I was so happy as she hadn’t called me in over 6 weeks but that happiness was only temporary. She wanted to have lunch with me at that afternoon so I abandoned my friends and the barbecue just for her. While there our conversation stays on only one topic, me, until she wants the favour that I regret giving- my permission to go to Kenya for some charity work. In hope of retrieving her trust, I agree to such thing as I thought she would be safe. I warned her about the danger of the world but I knew she didn’t pay attention. I went home worried and panicking, I couldn’t sleep or concentrate on anything else, I just waited for her call but when it came it wasn’t a good one. Kidnappers called with a voice so dark and horrifying that my heart almost stopped. Their words were “She is gone forever”, I cried and cried… When I finally got full of anger, I got on the first plane to Kenya looked for someone who could help me, get a gun and get my daughter back. Then I found Rebecca, she told me that these kidnappers have been working for 3 months kidnapping innocent teens from the airport and taking them to the Old Stadium to auction them.
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