The Most Effective and Least Critical Thinker in 12 Angry Men

Topics: Critical thinking, Logic, Evidence Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: December 1, 2011
12 Angry Men

1. The most effective critical thinker in 12 Angry Men is Henry Fonda’s character, Davis or Juror number eight. Davis really supported and stood by all of his decisions and examined the evidence thoroughly. He not only looked at the situation through his eyes, but also through the young boy’s and witnesses spectrums. Davis was in no hurry to decide, which gave him time to really sit down and weigh out all the options and proof or non-proofs. He also did his own research by going to the boy’s neighborhood checking out the environment and purchasing a similar knife that was used in the murder, which was supposedly a one of kind and could not be purchased everywhere. By purchasing the knife Davis proved reasonable doubt of the situation which made most of the jurors want to hear more and think their decision thoroughly. When taking a second vote Davis suggested the option to vote differently by using a secretive ballot, so know ones name would be attached to their vote, which made a huge difference. This allowed one person to change their mind and not feel pressured or embarrassed to display their true feelings on the case.

2. The least effective critical thinker in 12 Angry Men was Lee J. Cobb’s character, Juror number three. His decisions and arguments were all based on personal views and vendettas against young kids. Juror number three had a strained relationship with his son, which left him bitter and very opinionated about his views about teenagers and what they were capable of doing. Because of his personal life, he was turned off by anyone else arguments and evidence, he was not seeing the situation at hand through a clear view, his decisions and poor judgment were..
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